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Franklin, Virginia


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From: Eric DuBuisson

To: Fabricare Members

Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 3:35 PM

Subject: [fabricare] machines from Ricahrd Mosena

  We just received shipment, from Mosena Enterprises, Inc., of two rebuilt

presses--an Ajax DC Legger DCF446 and a Forenta Laundry Legger.  They

are absolutley BEAUTIFUL!  The only indication of their true ages are

the model/serial number plates.

It is obvious that Richard is a true craftsman and is sincerely

dedicated to top quality.

  Eric DuBuisson

Slidell Cleaners, Inc.

Slidell, LA

April 24, 2001

 Dear Richard,

 Thank you for the great job you did on my three Hoffman Coat-O-Matic
 machines.  These machines are Better than new!  We have had them in service
 for 30 months now and have yet to have a problem.  They work hard every day
 and keep up with the pounding we give them.  I doubt if new equipment would
 be as good.

 Anyone considering buying new equipment should save them self and buy
rebuilt equipment from Mosena Enterprises.  They will get better equipment
and a better price.

 Mark R. Sarno
Sarno & Son TUXEDOS

To all members who are looking for equipment, (rebuilt) we must say the
 following about Mosena Enterprises and its owner, Richard Mosena. We went
 through the flood in September of 1999 in Franklin, Virginia and lost all
 our equipment at that time, we had Richard rebuild 2(two) New Yorker
 for us and we purchased a rebuilt shirt unit from him. Since his rebuilding
 operation is within in two miles of our plant we have seen first hand the
 quality of his work that he produces. In our opinion he is not just a good
 re-builder he is an excellent re-builder. When you purchase equipment from
 Richard it is remanufactured better than when it was new.
We believer that you get what you pay for and you need only to see his
to realize the value you will receive. We will be happy to talk to anyone
 who has any questions on the Web or you can reach us by telephone at B & B.
 Quality Cleaners in Franklin, Virginia at 757 562 4565.  Just ask for Lynda
 or Ed



 I just wanted to send a note to you about the equipment I purchased from
 you.  As you know I used to be a distributor and we had a very good
 reputation for our rebuilt equipment.  We went much further than our
 competition in our rebuilding process and delivered what I thought to be
the best rebuilding job available.

 After receiving your equipment, installing it and operating it, I have to
 admit your equipment is far superior than ours used to be.  The quality in
 appearance and operation is better than it was when it was produced by
Ajax and Forenta.  There is no doubt in my mind that these pieces will last
 longer with fewer problems than when purchased new.  You not only rebuild,
 you correct mistakes that the factory made when they originally designed
the equipment.

 Your prices are higher than I expected to pay when I first called you, but
 after seeing what I paid for, I know I made a good purchase.

 Good luck and I will send you all the business I can.

 John Tipps
 Clean Concepts Technology, Inc.
 Dallas, Texas



April 17, 2001

  To Whom It May Concern

During the past seven (7) years, We at RVN Enterprises Inc (T/A) Rose's Custom

 Cleaners have purchased from Mosena Enterprises the following pieces of 

equiptment. Spotting board, triple head, hothead legger, 50lbs gas dryer, hothead pant 

topper,  three (3) dryclean presses, and puff irons. All  items were remanufactured by 

Richard Mosena.                               

If  you want QUALITY Equiptment, call Richard for Quality and  Integrity

We, at Rose's Custom Cleaners would not consider any other source for 

drycleang equiptment.          

Rudy West, Sr.

Rose's Custom Cleaners

6258 Fallard Drive               

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Email rudy011@mindspring.com



For the past thirty years, we have purchased many pieces of so-called rebuilt
equipment from various vendors.  Since the early nineties, we have been buying dry
cleaning and laundry machinery from Mosena.  Simply stated, nothing compares
to the quality of Mosena's work. Of the four plants we now operate in the New
Orleans area, three are using equipment ordered from the quality rebuilder in
Franklin, VA.  Our newly acquired facility will also be utilizing presses
rebuilt by Mosena very soon.

One can easily see the difference between Mosena's work and factory new...
Mosena's looks better!  In particular, one "showroom" piece at our leather
cleaning plant (Hoffman XCO5 offset silk press), is a magnificent work of

The real beauty of the work goes deeper than the finish.  Just ask Richard to
explain the arduous process that is used for every piece he rebuilds.  We
think of it as enjoying the best of both world's:  The integrity of the
older, heavier machines plus the newer technology of today's primers, paints
and plating.  Equally important is the safety upgrade to comply with current
requirements.  In addition, Mosena stocks parts for every machine sold.    

Obviously, we are very satisfied customers of Mosena Enterprises!   

Daniel Duthu