Laundry/Dry-Cleaning Equipment 

The quality of our work is represented in the processes we use to the extent that the year it was manufactured has little to no relevance as to the outcome.  In fact most of the older machines we rebuild will outlive their newer counterparts.   

Machines are completely dismantled into parts, cleaned and inspected.  We utilize recycled solvent cleaning technology to obtain consistently clean parts.  Parts and components are rebuilt or replaced, blasted, primed, and painted with automotive quality paints, then infrared baked.
Heads and bucks are hydro-tested to original manufacturers specifications.  We re-work some heads and bucks, i.e. replace worn mounting holes, replace bad fittings, re-thread valve mounts, steam block assemblies and vacuum tubing, etc.  We send out heads that need re-chroming, but do the preparation and polishing in house.  If they are not dependable they are scrapped.  Frames are checked for fatigue, poor welding, cracks, pin hole tolerances, bad steam fittings, threaded holes etc., and corrected.  High heat items are blasted and painted with heat resistant silver.
Components are tested prior to assembly.  Adjustments are made during the assembly phase, then the entire unit is re-tested.  Anti-seize compound is used on most bolts with future accessibility in mind.  Wooden tables are replaced with custom made and painted heavy gauge steel tables.  Machines are up-graded as necessary to meet current safety standards.   
In looking through the categories above you will find examples of previously rebuilt machines.  Please contact us for complete listings, references, and more detailed information.

P.O. Box 175              26460 Smiths Ferry Road

Franklin, Virginia 23851


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